• Thijs Wolzak

    Thijs Wolzak

Humanitas helps people who are temporarily unable to provide for their own needs. A volunteer visits weekly, providing the encouragement the participant needs to take the reins in solving his or her own problems. Local Humanitas branches throughout the Netherlands organize projects and activities on six themes: loneliness, growing up, raising children, loss, imprisonment, and personal finance.

The demand for help with personal finance management is growing, in part because the complexity of personal finance problems is rising. It is a challenge for Humanitas volunteers to recognize financial problems early enough. Volunteers lack sufficient guidance and, despite their expertise, are pushed by rising demand and complexity to the limits of their abilities. Volunteers who are well versed in current legislation and the support that other organizations offer are able to provide better assistance to participants.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Humanitas in its effort to raise the quality of its personal finance services. Adessium Foundation is also supporting Humanitas in its efforts to help homeless youth, and is contributing to the development of a monitoring and evaluation system that will enable the organization to systematically measure the effectiveness of its interventions. This will ultimately improve and ensure the quality of the organization’s services.

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