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Through volunteer projects, Stichting Present (Foundation Present) hopes to initiate a social movement that takes it for granted that people help one another. An increasingly hands-off government, financial uncertainty, and an aging population threaten to push vulnerable people with limited social networks ever closer to society’s edge. The elderly, the long-term unemployed, immigrants, the chronically ill, and people with disabilities or psychological problems are at risk.

Stichting Present is unique in focusing on offers of assistance. Student associations, churchgoers, companies, and even groups of friends throwing bachelor parties knock on the organization’s door. With the help of aid agencies, the foundation searches for a suitable project, from cleaning and refurbishing a home to taking people with limited mobility out for a walk. Through volunteer projects, Stichting Present hopes to make society’s vulnerable faces visible, end loneliness, and stimulate social connection.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Stichting Present in part because of its innovative approach to linking different target groups together and thus encouraging participation in society. By helping to ease the situations of people in need through the help of volunteers, the foundation enables professional relief workers to provide more effective guidance. That makes Stichting Present a useful link between informal and formal assistance.

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