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Finance Watch represents the public interest in the development of new financial legislation in Europe. The organization counterbalances the influence of financial industry lobbyists by informing politicians and policy makers on the societal consequences of the new, often complex rules they propose.

Finance Watch aspires to a resilient banking sector that lends capital from a long-term perspective and does not offload credit risks onto society. The organization also works toward transparent financial markets in which trade is not limited to speculation, but generates productive investments into the existing economy. Founded in 2011, Finance Watch has rapidly made a name for itself as a serious force in Brussels, in part because most of its experts have financial backgrounds. As a result, they are able to make substantive analyses, converse with politicians, policy makers, and bankers, and participate in parliamentary hearings to represent the public interest in drafting new financial legislation.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Finance Watch in safeguarding the public interest during the restructuring of our financial system. A healthy balance between private and public interests will ultimately lead to financial legislation that benefits all of society.

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