• EuropeanDigitalRights

Sometimes the Internet seems like a digital Wild West: service providers and social media companies telling you whether you may share your own photographs, governments that systematically eavesdrop on private communications, criminals who run off with your identity. To create order among the digital chaos, European Digital Rights (EDRi) campaigns to protect digital civil rights and privacy in the European Union. Concrete issues vary from corporate data exploitation to government surveillance without sufficient protection for human rights.

EDRi is a network of non-profit advocacy organizations throughout Europe. Its office in Brussels represents and supports members through close contact with EU officials and policy makers. This contact enables the organization to influence policy formation, and EDRi has become an increasingly important player in recent years—so much so that today, EU officials regularly contact the organization themselves when new digital policy is being developed.

Adessium Foundation is supporting European Digital Rights as part of our commitment to protect the public interest at the European level. Our contribution enables EDRi to more effectively promote digital freedoms and civil rights in Europe.

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