• Photo: Environmental Investigations Agency

    Photo: Environmental Investigations Agency

The natural world is in peril from those who earn large sums of money trading in species such as elephants, tigers, and whales. Aside from the damage to the planet, this type of environmental crime threatens the harmonious relationships between local communities and their natural surroundings. International syndicates are often the hidden perpetrators of these criminal practices, and they use advanced techniques that make it difficult to find and subsequently stop them.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) works to protect nature by fighting environmental crime. To that end, the organization investigates and exposes illegal practices, and it campaigns for better legislation and enforcement of environmental regulations. The need for such action is evident from the sharp increase in poaching activities in recent years.

Adessium Foundation is supporting the EIA as part of our commitment to make responsible use of nature and natural resources. Our contribution is being used for the EIA’s wildlife crime campaign to further reduce the illegal trade in endangered species.

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