Voedselbanken Nederland (Dutch Food Bank Foundation) works to salvage edible food that would otherwise be destroyed and ensure that it reaches people living below the poverty level. To qualify for a food package, applicants must complete an income assessment. For example, single people qualify if they have €180 or less per month to live on after subtracting fixed expenses such as rent, gas, electricity and insurance; another €70 may be added for each extra person in the household.

In 2014, Voedselbanken Nederland began its Food Safety program, whose goal was to ensure that all 161 member food banks and 8 distribution centers comply with the Food Safety Handbook. The handbook is based on the guidelines of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Voedselbanken Nederland in fulfilling its vital role in anti-poverty policy as part of our commitment to provide immediate assistance to people in vulnerable situations. Our contribution is specifically intended to ensure that all the food banks registered with Voedselbanken Nederland are certified and operate in accordance with the Food Safety Handbook. The assurance of food safety is an important contributor to the operational continuity of the Netherlands’ food banks.

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