• Photo: Shahram Sharif

    Photo: Shahram Sharif

Governments and private parties hope to exert increasing control over Internet traffic. Bits of Freedom works to combat this. The organization champions Internet freedom and defends and promotes digital civil rights, particularly the right to freedom of communication and the right to privacy.

The underlying idea is that the free exchange of information between citizens on the Internet forms a central component of the public debate and our democracy; at the same time, citizens must be protected from the government and the corporate world so that private information stays private. To reach its goal, Bits of Freedom campaigns, lobbies, and educates. One of the organization’s campaigns is the annual Big Brother Awards, which recognize the year’s worst privacy violators.

Adessium Foundation is supporting Bits of Freedom in its goal to ensure the free and open nature of the Internet for the future. After all, privacy and freedom of communication on the Internet are vital to ensure an open and democratic society.

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