• Caroline Tisdall

    Caroline Tisdall

Africa is home to a wealth of wildlife and natural beauty. Unfortunately, important natural reserves are being endangered by explosive population growth, both on the continent itself and worldwide. Growth in Asia is generating a particularly large demand for the African continent’s natural resources. Effective management of this natural wealth can contribute significantly to regional development.

African Parks Network (APN) aims to restore the flora and fauna in wildlife parks by working with local governments and national conservation authorities. The organization takes a professional, commercial approach to park management and values close cooperation with the local community. By facilitating and encouraging park tourism, APN helps to create local employment, which in turn inspires the local population to contribute to conservation efforts.

Over the past several years, Adessium Foundation has experienced how effective the organization’s business model is in protecting important natural areas. APN’s approach has generated dynamic growth among wildlife species and increased revenue streams from wildlife tourism. Based on this success, Adessium Foundation has decided to continue supporting the organization for the coming period, so that APN can use its knowledge and experience throughout Africa and achieve its ambitious expansion goals.

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