Adessium Foundation

Adessium Foundation was established in 2005 by the Van Vliet family, which has a background in asset management. The Foundation is recognized as a ”public benefit organization” (ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities.

Adessium Foundation’s board of directors consists of Rogier van Vliet (chairman), Jan Meijerman and Hendrik-Jan Laseur. The Foundation’s management team comprises Rogier van der Weerd (managing director) and a soon to be appointed director of programs. In total, Adessium Foundation has thirteen team members.

Adessium Foundation is a member of the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN) and the European Foundation Centre (EFC). Adessium Foundation subscribes to the codes of conduct of these organizations.


Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that encourages people to live in harmony with each other and with their environments. The Foundation works to achieve a balanced society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.

Adessium Foundation gives substance to its mission by selecting receiving organizations that target subjects of social importance. These grantees strive to effect lasting positive change in our society. The Foundation supports organizations in the Netherlands and initiatives targeting the European community and the factors that affect it. In addition to financial contributions, Adessium Foundation provides organizational support focused on strengthening grantees’ capacity.

The name Adessium is inspired by the Latin phrase ad esse, literally “into being.” It signifies help, support, and participation.

Grant policy

Adessium Foundation actively selects potential partners and invites them to submit an application. Adessium Foundation does not accept unsolicited project proposals.

We proactively investigate the charitable sector and make choices based upon our strategic framework. Our experience has shown that unsolicited project proposals do not lead to new partnerships. By not evaluating unsolicited proposals, we help to ensure that our time and yours is put to most effective use. Thank you for understanding our position.

Annual Report 2016

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